ARTIST TALK: Tomas Colbengtson
Tomas Colbengtson is sæmie, the nomadic reindeer-people who lives in the northern parts of Scandinavia. He is born in a small sæmie village close to the polar circle of Björkvattnet Tärna northern Sweden. In his works he often refers to sami culture, investigating cultural identity, history and indigenous peoples contemporary situation Tomas explore images, colors and forms based from sami culture and the nordic Scandinavian landscape. He is experimenting with combinations of media and material and has developed a new way to print screen prints in overlay glass often working with screen-print on metal and working with etching and digital art technique. Colbengtson is exhibiting international, public artwork in Sweden and Finland. (Foto: Dan Jåma).

Date: Laavadahken 19.10
Saturday Oct 19
Where: Folkets Hus, Dearna/Tärnaby