Maanaj vätnoe- jïh tjeahpoe vuesiehtimmie / Mánáid duodje- ja dáiddačájáhus
The Children’s Handicraft and Art exhibition from the Sami School in Dearna

Handicraft and Art exhibition from children at Dearnan saemieskuvle, the Sami school in Dearna/Tärnaby. This is the only Sami school in South Sami area in Sweden. The exhibition contains glass artwork and traditional handicraft made from reindeer skin and antlers, wood, wool and other traditional materials. The graphic art with paintings and drawings are designed using mixed techniques. The themes comes from Sami culture and life.

Date: Bearjadahken – Laavadahken
Friday – Saturday Oct 18-19
Where: Aejlies Sami culture centre,
Folkets Hus, Dearna/Tärnaby