ARTIST TALK: Sissel M Bergh
Sissel M Bergh is a multitasker – an artist/researcher/filmmaker working in different kinds of materials in collaboration with many kinds of knowledges. She has been tracking South Sámi history through the Dalvedh and Raanen vuodna projects. Mapping lost landscapes through language, collecting traces of Sámi culture and presence outside of the present map of Saepmie – is her main focalpoint. Can we recollect history and relations with the physical and invisible/sacred land by connecting to the deep structures of language? Can art pracise be a tool to understand how the clashes of different knowledge systems, the violence in hierarchical structures inhibit and inhabit us? Bergh is educated from the National academy of fine art, Oslo and the University of technology in Durban, South Africa. She lived and worked for several years in Lusaka, Zambia. Bergh is currently living in Tråante/Trondheim. Norway/Saepmie.

Date: Laavadahken 19.10
Saturday Oct 19
Where: Folkets Hus, Dearna/Tärnaby