ARTIST TALK: Monica L Edmondson
Monica L Edmondson lives and works in Tärnaby Sweden. Edmondson is an artist specializing in glass but is also known for her work with public art commissions, architecture and design. Her work converge her Sami heritage with international influences, both technically and in concept, often inspired by the vast white winter space. At other times she explores conceptual issues in which the material of glass can be seen as messengers – and metaphors – for ourselves and our nature. Fragile and strong at the same time. A vessel of glass artistically produced and with its allusion to life itself, can bring into focus such human questions as origin, identity and migration.

Sweden’s National Museum in Stockholm and the National Gallery of Australia have acquired Monica’s work for their permanent collections. Edmondson’s work has been exhibited at home and abroad, including at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, Koganezaki Glass Museum at Shizuoka Japan, and Venezia Aperto Vetro. (Photo: Carl-Johan Utsi)

Date: Laavadahken 19.10, ts. 13.00
Saturday Oct 19, at 13.00
Where: Folkets Hus, Dearna/Tärnaby