ARTIST TALK: Julie Edel Hardenberg
Julie Edel Hardenberg is born and raised in Nuuk, Greenland. She is educated at Den Nordiska Konstskolan i Kokkola, Finland; Art Academy of Trondheim, Norway; Erasmus Exchange Student at Norwich School of Art and Design, England; in 2005 she got her degree as MA in Art -Theory and Communication at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark, 2005.

Hardenbergs artworks problematize the unequal power structures that exist between Greenland and Denmark. With her background, with roots in both cultures, she has an insight into different Greenlanders identity and self-understanding – nonetheless the economic and social interdependencies that exist between the two countries, and its impact on the Greenlander; caught in a shared identity between power and powerlessness.

Alongside her artistic work, she has contributed with presentation at symposiums: New Narrative for Europe – The European Parliament in Brussel, Belgium, 2013; Inuit Studies Conference, Washington D.C, USA, 2012; Bok & Bibliotek, Göteborg Book Fair, Sweden, 2012; Nordic Fashion Biennale, Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, USA, 2011.

Date: Duarstan 17.10
Thursday Oct 17
Where: Mobackagården, Tärnamo, Bearkoenvuemie

Date: Laavadahken 19.10
Saturday Oct 19
Where: Folkets Hus, Dearna/Tärnaby