Humans & Soil  – dance performance
Choreographer and dancer: Marit Shirin Carolasdotter
Followed by artist talk with the performer

Humans & Soil is an ongoing collaborative project that explores humans’ relationship to earth from the perspective of native cultures such as; the Sami of the north and the Ainu of Japan. Our organisation consists of dancers, musicians and writers from Sweden, Saepmie and Hokkaido with the aim to highlight discourses in indigenous cultural policies, non-repatriation of bones and land rights. Trough performance, choreo-activism and artistic processes, we would like to emphasise the misuse of indigenous bodies by acting colonised systems and institutions in Sweden and Japan through showing our art to an intergenerational audience. Humans & Soil is currently collaborating with the Nordic Opera and Region Västerbotten to have a residency in Dearna/Tärnaby, February 2020, continued collaboration with Sami art-platforms and a presentation at Ubmejen Biejvieh (the Sami week) in Ubmeje/Umeå 2020.

Marit Shirin Carolasdotter will also participate at the Dellie Maa Conference on Friday.
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Date: Laavadahken 19.10
Saturday Oct 19
Where: Folkets Hus, Dearna/Tärnaby